INSOL Focus Webinar:
The greener side of fiduciary duties

Tuesday, 25th May 2021 2:00 pm [BST]


Is the world's changing attitude to the environment causing us to rethink the scope of fiduciary duties? The panel will analyse fiduciary duties historically and discuss the environmental concerns office holders should adopt on behalf of a business and whether this has changed in recent years. They will also debate whether ESG is an attempt to make those who manage investments more accountable. The panellists will examine all this within the insolvency context. Finally, they will discuss whether the current focus on the environment is a trend or if will it change the way officeholders think about their duties in the future.

*please note that the technical programme may be subject to change.


Webinar timings 

8am Cayman Islands

10am São Paulo

2pm UK

3pm South Africa 

Panel duration: 1 Hour


Cost: GBP 15.00 for Members and GBP 30.00 for Non-Members.

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