INSOL Focus Webinar:
Forum shopping and challenges in the recognition of insolvency proceedings: Some views from the bench

Tuesday, 20th July 2021 1:00 pm [BST]


Our esteemed panel of judges will inter alia discuss the following issues (under the wider theme of forum shopping and challenges in the recognition of insolvency proceedings) from the standpoint of their individual jurisdictions: 
•    The legitimacy of forum shopping as a general principle.
•    Forum shopping and the public policy exception as a ground for refusing recognition.
•    The factors and criteria taken into consideration by the judiciary in common law jurisdictions (as opposed to civil law jurisdictions) when faced with issues around forum shopping. 
•    Practical problems associated with applications for recognition in the case of groups of companies.
•    EU and non-EU companies and the shifting of COMI to facilitate restructurings*.

*please note that the technical programme may be subject to change.

Webinar timings 

8am New York

1pm UK

2pm The Netherlands

3pm Romania

Panel duration: 1 Hour


Cost: GBP 15.00 for Members and GBP 30.00 for Non-Members.

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