Decentralised Finance, Smart Contracts
and the Future of Lending Markets

Tuesday 23 November, 8.00pm - 9.30pm SGT

Presented by the INSOL Academic Group, INSOL Asia Hub and SGRI (SMU)

The rise of Smart Contracts and blockchain - based platforms providing access to credit has led to the emergence of decentralised finance (DeFi). The webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities of DeFi, including the potential of and limitations associated with smart contracts in the financial sector. It will also explore how DeFi and Smart Contracts may reshape the operation of lending markets and affect the financial industry and the future of the legal and insolvency professions.


Attendees will learn the concept of Smart Contracts and how they work and operate in the finance sector. They will also gain insight into the foundations, challenges and opportunities of DeFi ; and how the emerging trend is reshaping lending markets and its associated risks including regulatory concerns. Attendees will in addition be apprised of the practical implications of Smart Contracts and DeFi in the financial industry and their impact on the future of the legal and insolvency professions.


INSOL  Member: £15
Non-Member: £30
SMU Students: Free